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Our client list spans the entire range of enterprises – from prestigious national and international companies to the young entrepreneur just starting in business. We offer a range of local and international tax services throughout south and east Europe, across Western Europe and around the world – which matches that provided by the largest advisory and corporate and trust firms.

We aim to provide each client with innovative solutions to problems and the fresh ideas upon which true success depends. This means long and hard work, attention to every detail, swift response to problems and anticipation of developments before they arise.

The key to asset protection lies in the separation of liabilities: personal liability, different business ventures, real estate, pension or ‘rainy-day-funds’ should all be separated. The simplest form of asset protection is a limited liability company. It can be used to separate your private assets from the risks associated with your business venture.

Depending on your needs, additional layers of protection can be added to protect your interests. For example, you can protect your company from the risks of a former sole proprietorship or general partnership by setting up a Trust. Your estate can be protected from claims using a Foundation, intellectual property can be managed by an offshore IP holding company and so on.

We advise you to all aspects related to inheritance and business succession. If you own a family business, retirement is more than a matter of deciding when to go. Business succession planning ensures a smooth transition and avoids ownership and control issues. We address inheritance issues for Muslims and non-Muslim nationals ensuring our clients know all facts and can make optimal decisions. We can prepare for you a will which declares your intentions as to what should happen to the distribution of your assets and much more.

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