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CORPORATE SERVICES / Accounting, Reporting, and VAT
When it comes to cross-border business success, knowing and understanding the local requirements for financial compliance can prove vital. Seeking the support of in-country experts such as Oneworld Mideast allows you to maintain focus on your core business. 
Our in-house qualified and experienced accountants can provide you with a complete range of accounting services in the UAE. Our services include:

  • Maintaining books of account in accordance with UAE recordkeeping requirements
  • Accounting - in accordance with accounting standards in the UAE.
  • VAT registration and filings
  • Coordinating with auditors the preparation of statutory accounts.  We can assist you with matching you an audit company based on your requirement and budget. 
  • Publication/ filing of statutory accounts
  • Financial forecasting
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly or annual management accounts
  • Consolidating financial statements
  • Payroll
  • Providing tax information and liaising with your tax advisers
  • Preparing and maintaining documentation for transfer pricing purposes
  • Application for tax residence certificates in order to benefit from the provisions of double tax treaties the UAE has concluded.
Oneworld has helped thousands of clients successfully establish operations in countries all over the world and manages over US$5 billion worth of assets on behalf of entities established for clients.
We offer all inclusive packages to help your company stay compliant with the UAE’s accounting and VAT laws. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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