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CORPORATE SERVICES / Registered Office And Company Secretarial
We can provide company secretarial services for your company. As your company secretary we can advise the directors on the key aspects of applicable UAE company law and corporate governance, maintain relations with the shareholders of the company, organise and run board and shareholder meeting, ensure the statutory books of the company are maintained and ensure the company otherwise stays compliant with UAE company law.

  • Drafting of company documents.
  • Filing of documents (forms, returns, audited accounts) with the appropriate authorities. 
  • Publish audited accounts- as required.
  • Liaise with regulatory authorities on behalf of clients.
  • Witness execution and certify documents as true copies.
  • Setting-up, monitoring and updating of the company's corporate calendar.
  • Convening, holding and drafting of all minutes of boards of directors and general meetings of shareholders.
  • Provide registered office.
  • Act as process agents.
  • Keeping and maintenance of statutory registers and minute books.
  • Processing changes in the company's constitution, e.g. changes of company name, registered offices, business objects, financial year, and registered share capital.
  • Process changes in the board of directors: resignation, removal and appointment.
  • Dividends, share transfers; share issues and transfers.
  • Issuance/cancellation of share certificates.
  • Voluntary liquidations and deletions of companies and branches.
  • Maintain relations with the local UAE sponsor or service agent
Oneworld has helped thousands of clients successfully establish operations in countries all over the world and manages over US$5 billion worth of assets on behalf of entities established for clients.
We offer all inclusive packages to help your company stay compliant with the UAE’s company and corporate governance laws. Contact us for a free consultation.

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