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MEDIA / Blog / Dubai Economic Council and DIFC Sign Agreement - 30 MAY 2016
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a strategic partnership on 27 April 2016 with the Dubai Economic Council (DEC) as a means to augment trade and business growth in the emirate and boost the development of the financial services sector in Dubai, the wider UAE and the whole region in general.

In accordance to the provisions of the agreement, the two sides will share best practices in preparing financial studies on research and on corporate governance, and cooperate in developing programs and projects that achieve their mutual strategic objectives and enhance the economic initiatives of both Dubai and UAE as a whole. They will also cooperate in promoting Islamic finance.

The DIFC is a world-class financial centre and offers a number of important benefits and advantages in an attractive investment environment including:
  • 100 percent foreign ownership
  • zero percent tax rate on income and profits
  • the freedom to repatriate capital and profits without restrictions
  • operational facilities encompassing modern office accommodation, business continuity facilities, state of the art technical support and data protection facilities, a low cost environment, and the availability of a skilled labour force and highly trained professionals who can be easily outsourced in the region
  • an extensive tax treaty network for the UAE incorporated entities
  • internationally accepted laws and regulatory processes
  • a world class, independent, regulatory agency working alongside other financial regulatory agencies located in major global jurisdictions
  • a wholly transparent operating environment, complying with global best practices
  • a dollar denominated environment
  • an international stock exchange with primary and secondary listings of debts and equity instruments, and
  • a variety of legal vehicles that may be established with capital structuring flexibility
If you are interested in setting up an entity in DIFC please contact our regional director Mr Costas Ioannou at Costas@oneworldmideast.net

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