OWME Global Business Services


We can assist in transforming your corporate goals to reality. We can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture opportunities, provide expert guidance on the preparation of technical documents including prospectuses and business reports.

We employ an experienced and dedicated team of 20 professionals, with wide knowledge and skill diversity. We follow a common approach to problem listening, understanding and solving and delivering on our clients’ issues in a consistent, comprehensive and practical manner. Our aim is to implement “solution oriented” suggestions to address clients’ needs.

At Oneworld MidEast, every client has the benefit of a relationship with a director or manager and every one of them develops a thorough understanding of each client’s business. Our people are always ready to discuss opportunities, goals and “what if” situations. Because we get close to our clients, we can respond to their enquiries with assurance. Rather than simply list options, we prefer, whenever possible, to assist in the decision making process. We are always eager to take a position and support it.

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