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We help our clients continuously evolve and adapt to an increasing complex business environment. We assist in transforming their corporate goals to reality. Strategy and business organisational development are fundamental to the construction of any management system. Key is compliance with legislation and regulations. We enable them build on their strengths and react with agility to opportunities and threats by delivering on-going performance improvements. We can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture partners in the local and international markets.

We can assist in transforming your corporate goals to reality. We can identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture opportunities, provide expert guidance on the preparation of technical documents including prospectuses and business reports. Our teams work with you to develop strategy and prepare you for your next steps. 

The major business philosophy objectives within an organization are:

  • Increasing shareholder value
  • Taking into account legitimate interests of all stakeholders
  • Controlling financial, business and operational risk
  • Reducing the cost of capital
Management has the ongoing responsibility to continuously strengthen the organisation so that it can withstand the shocks, external or internal of an uncertain and a continuously changing environment.

Such shocks may take many forms – among them business interruption, security breach, third party liability, fraud and other such events. Most can be anticipated, understood and managed.

Oneworld Mideast is able to assist you protect against business risks. Our Internal Audit Service offers focused advisory services designed to help clients:

  • Ensure alignment with stakeholder requirements
  • Carry out iinternal audit reviews
  • Assist in designing and strengthening internal audit department
  • Develop and enhance the organisations internal controls
  • Enhance systems, processes and performance measures
  • Create a system for implementing and monitoring Corporate Governance.

The competitive landscape is rapidly changing and increasing in complexity across the financial services industry, causing banks, investment management and insurance firms to face a diverse array of challenges and concerns. Globalisation, along with regulatory changes and risk management issues, continues to impact the industry.

Firms have expanded international operations around the globe to tap into new markets as a source of growth, increase their competitiveness, satisfy demand and better leverage their expertise.We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Assisting clients to comply with UAE rules and regulations
  • Consult on any relevant international company laws and regulations

Our services include:

  • Strategic review and assessment of the company position in the value chain in order to identify actions that will create and enhance shareholder value
  • Company internal analysis, assessment of strengths and weaknesses and identification of value maximisation opportunities
  • Development of corporate plan to enable the company to improve performance and increase value
  • Strategy to enter a new market, penetrate an existing one or defend market position against increasing competitive power
  • Market analysis and environmental scanning including a review of the competitive landscape and assessment of barriers to entry

Our services include:

  • performance management systems
  • training for appraisal skills
  • reward strategy and incentives
  • early retirement and redundancy schemes

Our Services include:

  • advert based recruitment (including first interviews)
  • advert based recruitment including only assessment of CV
  • organisational restructuring
  • enhancing HR management capabilities (ie HR strategy, HR infrastructure and procedures, employee handbook)
  • employee satisfaction surveys resulting in the development of an action plan
  • performance management systems
  • management development programmes - coaching, leadership etc
  • other skill building courses - team building, call centre customer service, communication
  • HR and payroll solutions tailor-made to suit the environment, company size and management reporting and cost analysis
  • payroll services providing the professionals, processes and systems needed to calculate, record and report all payroll components
  • compilation and presentation of every aspect of employee related administrative affairs

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