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Global Compliance

Our Global compliance services include the provision of PRO services in the UAE. We perform this work for corporate clients and for individuals in the UAE.

Our Services include:

  • Risk and Regulatory Compliance
  • Bookkeeping and Reporting Fund
  • Valuation Services
  • HR, PRO visas and Payroll

Our Services include:

  • management of accounting processes efficiently and in accordance with IFRS
  • provision of easy to read management reports of all their activities worldwide, along with accompanying local and international reports
  • more stringent accounting standards and extensive, complex reporting requirements

Our Services include:

  • preparing books of accounts, calculating the Net Asset Value with reference to share movements
  • preparing financial statements tailored to client requirements, including statements of assets and liabilities, operations, changes in net assets and cash flows
  • calculation of all fees and retrocessions
  • to ensure maximum efficiently and accuracy in the preparation of the Net Asset Value calculations, we have electronic interfaces with brokers and custodians in financial centres
  • extensive experience in processing and pricing alternative investments and derivatives

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