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MEDIA / Blog / New Service Announcement: Residence and Citizenship
We are pleased to introduce our EU residence and citizenship services. These have been set up to meet the existing client needs and also offer enhanced services to HNWI in demand of such a service.

Our services are designed to uncover needs that you might not know you have. The reasons might be different for different people, but some of the common ones to have an EU residency or citizenship are
  • in an unstable global environment, an alternative citizenship/residency is necessary if you wish to shelter your wealth
  • protect you and your family against any political and economic instability in your country
  • expand of your business and investment potential
  • relocate for tax planning purposes
  • mobility and freedom to travel with the EU
  • better place for living and for retirement
We would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and tailor a solution for you.

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