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Tax domicile residency certificate issued for eligible government entities, companies and individuals to take advantage of agreements of double taxation avoidance on income signed by the UAE.
The Tax Domicile residency certificate is issued by the Ministry of Finance of UAE. The certificate can be issued to a company registered in the UAE and also for individuals who are residing in the UAE. The Tax residency certificate validity is for one year.
Obtaining a residence permit is the primary condition for being considered as resident in the UAE. As a general rule, a foreign individual has to have a sponsor in order to apply for a residence permit in the jurisdiction. For many expatriates, the company that employs them will act as their sponsor and secure them residence visa. For those who do not come on an employment contract, the best way is to incorporate a company in UAE.

Set up of corporate structure to act as sponsor

The preferred way to obtain residency is through a corporate structure. For foreigners, setting up a FTZ company is a practical way of obtaining sponsorship. As far as the company is concerned, it must have physical presence in the UAE. In that regard, the most interesting and cost effective options are proposed by free zones situated in the northern emirates with possibility to have “flexi desks” or “flexi offices”.

Advantages of Obtaining Tax Domicile Residency Certificate

Tax domicile residency certificates allows to completely utilize the benefits of the extensive double tax treaties network the UAE has signed with a lot of countries from different parts of the world.
DTAA or double tax treaty (DTT) is a bi-lateral agreement between UAE and other countries that preserves and upholds the interests of foreign investors and companies from other jurisdictions in an effort to invest in UAE. As a result of this treaty, any foreign company already paying taxes abroad for the profits earned from his/her business can mitigate any potential tax burden in the UAE.
Not just the Companies, but individuals who residents in UAE and complying with the Ministry of Finance guideline are eligible to use the advantages.
Required Documents for Obtaining Tax Domicile Certificate
For Individuals
  • Passport Copy
  • Valid Residence Copy
  • Certified Tenancy Contract / Title Deed.
  • Certified bank statement for at least 6 months during the required year.
  • Source of Income/Salary Certificate.
  • Immigration Report of residency (Exit & Entry report)

For Corporate
  • Valid Trade License.
  • Certified Articles of establishment; incorporation; founding; institutionalizing or Memorandum of association.
  • Copy of identity card for the Company Owners or partners or directors.
  • Copy of passport for the Company Owners or partners or directors.
  • Copy of Residential Visa for the company owners or partners or directors.
  • Certified audited report.
  • Certified bank statement for at least 6 months during the required year.
  • Certified Tenancy Contract / Title Deed.
How to obtain TRC in UAE without any hassle 

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