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Brief information for obtaining tax residency certificate for individuals and companies in the U.A.E.

1) passport copy and visa copy
2) request letter from the individual
3) bank statement for the last 6 months
4) source of income
5) certificate from the company stating the individual activity and source of income
6) fee of AED 1.000 (approximately US$300)
The above requirements are straightforward and the process application takes approximately 1 week to complete. Basically, documents required are produced internally by the company, no outside confirmations needed. No need for any external verification and the movement in the AED bank account does not need to be substantial.
1) trade license
2) lease contract
3) copy of passport and residence of the company director
4) request letter from the company
5) bank statement for the last 6 months
6) fee of AED 5.000 (approximately US$1.400)
7) audited accounts
The requirements are straightforward and almost all required can be produced by the company [ 1) ,2), 3), 4) above ]. For 5), a company account must be opened in AED with a UAE bank, which does not need to have substantial movement and this company account can be used to pay local expenses including  director salary, professional fees and other expenses in UAE. As far as requirement 7) is concerned, our experience is that a simple statement is required which we can arrange with an authorized auditor to sign and stamp, with competitive fees.

Feel free to contact our Director Mr. Costas Ioannou (CIoannou@oneworldmideast.net) and/or our Manager Mr. Alexandros Philippides (Aphilippides@oneworldmideast.net) to discuss possibilities.

You can find more information in our September 2015 Newsletter entitled "Tax Residence in Dubai, UAE"

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