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MEDIA / Blog / Travel Agency And Tour Operator License From Sharjah Media City Free Zone
Sharjah Media city Free Zone is located in Emirates of Sharjah one of the seven Emirates in UAE. This Free Zone has launched in early 2017 to cater to the needs of creative and media related businesses. Aiming to be an excellent media hub for innovative facilities and services, Shams covers a wide range of business activities available for those wishing to achieve their business objectives in United Arab Emirates.

Sharjah Media City is in a perfect strategic location in 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and only 5 minutes from Sharjah Airport. Sharjah Media City gives a lot of opportunities to different categories of business and issuing trade licenses to companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs in the industries of technology and media as well as other creative industries.
Sharjah Media City Free Zone offers over 120 business activities to choose from and provides the entrepreneurs all flexibility to combine different activities on the same license. Interestingly, this Free Zone also provides the Travel agency and tour operator license also. This group of activities facilitate the investors to choose travel agency activity covering selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation services to the general public and commercial clients.
The activity of Tour operator includes arranging and assembling tours that are sold through travel agencies or directly by tour operators. The tours may include any or all of the following.

The activity of travel agency which includes the activity of activities of agencies primarily engaged in selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation to the general public and commercial clients.

  1. Entitled to obtain a license
  2. Entitled to sponsor employee(s)
  3. Entitled to open a business bank account
Details of fee on different type of licenses, eligibility of visa and other charges applicable in each case. 
Details Activity Rates Frequency
    New & Renew (AED & USD)  
 0 Visa*  Professional License
 11,500 (USD $ 3135) Annual
General Trading License 16,500 (USD $4500)
1 Visa Professional License
16,600 (USD $4525)  Annual
General Trading License 21,600 (USD $5885)
2 Visas Professional License
18,200 (USD $ 4960) Annual
General Trading License 23,200 (USD $ 6322)
3 Visas Professional License
19,800 (USD $5395) Annual
General Trading License 24,800 (USD $ 6757)
4 Visas Professional License
21,400 (USD $ 5831) Annual
General Trading License 26,400 (USD $ 7193)
5 Visas Professional License
23,000 (USD $ 6267)  Annual
General Trading License 28,000 (USD $ 7630)
6 Visas Professional License
24,600 (USD $6702) Annual
General Trading License 29,600 (USD $ 8065)

*Establishment Card and Visa fees are not included in the packages above, they must be paid  
**The above package includes the license cost, shared desk facility and visa quota.
Establishment Card fee is Dhs. 1500 per 3 years
Investor Visa fee is Dhs. 3500 per visa valid for 3 years (excluding medical and emirates id)
Employee Visa fee is Dhs.3080 per visa valid for 3 years (excluding medical and emirates id)
5% VAT is applied on the total cost.
Immigration E-channel system (this is a new system of the Immigration for Immigration card and Visa processing)
This needs to be paid when applying for the visa.
New Registration:
Refundable Deposit: AED5,000
Registration Fee: AED2,150
Annual Renewal Fee of the portal: AED1,150 (yearly)
Shams free deliverables on incorporation. 
1. Shams Business License.
2. Certificate of Incorporation.
3. Memorandum.
4. Share Register.

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