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Participated this week in Wealth Pro Bosco conference held in Hilton Spa and Golf Club Conference Centre in Ras Al Khaimah in Al Hamra Beach.

There were attendees from numerous countries interested in the UAE.  The interest in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah particularly is high as it offers cost effective company set up as well as an excellent infrastructure for most business activities.  The Authority can offer state of the art office, warehouse and factory accommodation at prevailing locations close to airports and ports only an hour away from Dubai.
The community in Ras Al Knaimah also offers a tranquil environment with all modern facilities to support modern leaving at a very high standard.
The industries of attendees varied from Banking Institutions, Real Estate, Law offices, corporate services providers, entrepreneurs.  There also was a large contingent of European and other offshore jurisdictions promoting their residency offerings which mainly targets Mid East and Asian giving them freedom of travel and work in Europe and the Americas.  We heard presentations from Cyprus, Malta, Greece and a number of Caribbean Common Islands.   
We had informative presentations from a few company set up advisers in the UAE as well as the CEO of the UAE Financial Service Sector (BFSI).
We had the opportunity to network with many professionals from other industries but also have honest discussions with fellow colleagues on topical issues surrounding the UAE Company set up such as Banking, compliance and set ups in different jurisdiction in the UAE.

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