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We feel that our clients like our diversity. We are not just a corporate and trust financial advisory offering registrations,business advisory, corporate finance, management and nominee services. We do considerably more than that. We provide accounting, financial services, due diligence, internal audit, estate management and many more services which distinguish us from others.

As for our corporate clients many of them tend to be private groups originating from Europe, North America and more recently from the Far East. They cover all industry sectors but are engaged mainly in financial services, energy, manufacturing and trading.

The main rationale for our clients using the UAE as a base for their investments is to benefit from the advantageous tax provisions and the extensive network of double tax treaties between the UAE and about 60 other countries.  The UAE enjoys zero corporation and personal tax as well as favourable exchange controls on the remittance of profits or repatriation of capital and vertually no restrictions on foreign trade.

As part of our full range services to our corporate client groups we normally set up and administer UAE free zone or off shore companies and other entities located in various other tax incentive jurisdictions.

Our client portfolio also includes international trusts set up and administered for high net worth individuals as well as international shipping companies using our expertise in this sector.

Clients sometime ask which is the best jurisdiction in which to incorporate. There can be no standard reply as the answer really depends upon the intended use of the entity to be set-up and upon each client’s personal and business circumstances. The same goes for groups intending to define their structure or establish their holding companies.

There are a number of factors which need be considered. The first is the tax regime of the intended jurisdiction and just as important is the political and economic stability. The jurisdiction chosen should not be subject to violent political swings or governed by an undemocratic regime. Other factors include the quality of communications, language, legal system, confidentiality, exchange controls and banking facilities.

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